Bromley Quoted in Variety on AI in Music Creation

AI vs. the Music Industry: With the Internet Full of Fake Drakes and Eminems, Who Gets Paid?
– Variety

Manatt Entertainment Leader Jordan Bromley was quoted in a Variety article about the use of AI in making music and how its use might impact creators' rights.  

The article notes that while many within the industry are looking to utilize and engage with generative AI development, the industry as a whole is coming to grips with the advent of this technology. In particular, industry stakeholders are working to protect creators and other rights holders from having their rights threatened while simultaneously exploring ways to profit from the use of AI.

“We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past … where we see new technology and believe the sky is falling,” Bromley said. “We think there is a proactive way to do this to help not only embrace the tech but protect creators from the worst-case scenario.” 

One issue labels, publishers and creators may face is training artificial intelligence by using existing songs. Bromley said licensing could create a safeguard for this kind of use, but this issue would still face challenges in the courts. “The companies that scrape licensed works [to train platforms] should have a license,” he said. “I think they’ll likely argue fair use, and the courts will decide whether that’s right or wrong.” 

Read the full Variety article here.  



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