Moses Quoted in Puck News About Force Majeure Strategy in the Hollywood Writers’ Strike

Hollywood’s Writers-Strike Force Majeure Fantasy
– Puck

Manatt Entertainment Partner Sarah Moses was quoted in a Puck article discussing how force majeure issues may affect the Hollywood writers’ strike and how they are playing into the strife between strikers and studios.  

Though force majeure contract terminations likely won’t happen immediately or until other key stakeholders have signaled action, Moses said any cuts will likely be targeted toward contracts that make sense to terminate, such as ones that no longer match their value.  

“Moreover, some contracts, and the force majeure provisions in them, may include a waiting period before the provision kicks in, or selectivity clauses that prevent a studio from suspending or terminating the contract unless the studio does the same for others similarly situated,” Moses said. “For all of these reasons, studios will probably take their time crafting a strategy for how to use force majeure to their benefit, if they decide to do so.” 

Read the full Puck article here.  

Moses and Puck’s Matthew Belloni, along with Partner W. Joseph Anderson and National Advisor Wendy Greuel, will be discussing the issues of force majeure and other considerations as the writers’ strike continues in a webinar on Wednesday, June 7.



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