Manatt Launches New Music Streaming Royalty Calculator for the United States

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The streaming economy has changed the music industry forever, mandating an increased push for transparency for artists and other rights holders who now rely on the streaming platforms as their primary revenue source and connection to consumers.

To help artists better understand how the money flows in today’s market, Manatt Entertainment has launched the Music Streaming Royalty Calculator for U.S. revenue. Drawing on our extensive market knowledge and our analysis of data from direct source payors, this tool provides accurate, up-to-date streaming revenue information for music artists and rights holders in the United States. It calculates the per-stream payments that Apple Music and Spotify make to artists and rights holders in the United States and breaks down the respective amounts paid through both platforms by sound recording, mechanical and performance royalties. 

“Gone are the days where artists cannot fathom the value of a stream. Knowledge is power, data is paramount, and simple answers and insights are now available for all. This offering is just one of many coming to help every creator and rights holder understand the true value of what they own,” said Jordan Bromley, partner and Manatt Entertainment group leader.

To access Manatt’s Music Streaming Royalty Calculator, click here.

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