Drug Pricing Transparency Rule: What You Need to Know

On May 8, the administration issued the much-anticipated final rule requiring drug manufacturers to disclose wholesale acquisition prices in their broadcast advertising. The debate around the rule has been raging since October, when the proposal was first published. Now set to go into effect in July, the rule could have a major impact on how life sciences companies promote to their customers. With both strong supporters and vocal opponents, it also could face a myriad of legal challenges in the months ahead.

In a new pre-recorded webinar, Manatt Health describes the new rule—and discusses its prospects for judicial review based on First Amendment and other issues. The session also addresses how drugmakers may respond to the new rule, including what contextual information they might provide to prescribers and patients. So that you can benefit from this important information at your convenience, we have created a new webinar available free, on demand. Click here to view the program and to download a free hard copy of the presentation.

Key topics include:

  • The details on what the new rule requires
  • The concerns opponents of the rule are expressing—and how those concerns might play out in the courts
  • The ways the new rule interacts with existing Food and Drug Administration rules on pharmaceutical advertising and promotion
  • The effects on drug company promotion—and how direct-to-consumer advertising may change in response to the new rule’s requirements

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