Post-PHE State Telehealth Policy Trends: What Does the Permanent Policy Landscape Look Like?

Telehealth has emerged as an essential tool for expanding patient access to health care services during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. States, payers and providers are continuing to examine the evolving role telehealth will play in the years to come.

In a new webinar, Manatt Health, the American Medical Association (AMA) and a panel of state leaders discuss how that long-term perspective is driving state policymaking for the use, coverage and payment of telehealth in the future. The program will share the way states view the policy landscape taking shape after the end of the federal public health emergency (PHE) and the expiration of temporary COVID-19 state flexibilities. Key topics that will be covered include:

  • Telehealth utilization trends following the start of the COVID-19 PHE
  • Temporary state telehealth policy changes that increased access to telehealth during the COVID-19 PHE
  • State trends in post-PHE telehealth policies, including:
    • Telehealth coverage and payment parity requirements
    • Cross-state licensure allowances
    • Network adequacy requirements related to telehealth
    • Health plan rules related to provider networks and telehealth-only providers

Date and Time:

Wednesday, July 13


  • Jared Augenstein, Director, Manatt Health
  • Jacqueline Marks-Smith, Senior Manager, Manatt Health
  • Kim Horvath, Senior Legislative Attorney, American Medical Association
  • Rene Mollow, Deputy Director, California Department of Health Care Services
  • Kevin Beagan, Deputy Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Insurance

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