Tapping Into Medicaid Financing Streams: Strategies for Medical-Legal Partnerships

Medical-legal partnerships (MLPs) integrate legal professionals into healthcare settings to help patients address the underlying structural problems at the root of so many health inequities.

The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership (NCMLP) works to create conditions in which every health organization in the United States can leverage legal services as a standard part of the way they respond to social needs. NCMLP recently surveyed medical-legal partnership activities nationwide to gather information about programs’ current budgets and funding streams. Building on the survey’s foundation, NCMLP and Manatt Health collaborated to develop an even deeper understanding of the opportunities and strategies for sustaining and financing MLP programs. Manatt Health surveyed and then convened a group interview of 17 MLPs to identify common themes and trends across programs.

In a new webinar with NCMLP, Manatt Health builds on survey findings and leverages our knowledge of financing social determinants of health to explore current and potential financing opportunities for MLP activities, including several case studies illuminating innovative Medicaid funding opportunities.

Cindy Mann, Partner, Manatt Health
Jocelyn A. Guyer, Managing Director, Manatt Health
Naomi Newman, Director, Manatt Health
Michael Siao Tick Chong, Consultant, Manatt Health

May 16, 2019

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