• 06.02.20

    A COVID-19 Syllabus: Strategies for Academic Institutions to Succeed in the New Normal

    Universities and other academic institutions continue to grapple with how best to continue to provide a quality educational experience to their students in the face of COVID-19, while maintaining their community’s health and the institution’s financial well-being.

  • 05.12.20

    The Unique And Cutting Edge Issues Currently Facing the C-Suite and Boards

    As COVID-19 and its accompanying economic downturn continue to test businesses in new and challenging ways, companies are juggling the day-to-day navigation through the crisis, while also planning ahead to manage risk and ultimately thrive in the “new normal”. 

  • 03.31.20

    Cyber Hygiene: Practical Cybersecurity Considerations During COVID-19

    The novel coronavirus has forced large segments of the workforce into remote environments for the foreseeable future, posing an array of risks and considerations for in-house counsel and security professionals.

  • 09.04.19

    Preparing for the Open and Hidden Litigation Risks of the CCPA

      In a new webinar, Manatt’s privacy and data security team discusses how to navigate litigation risks in the coming age of comprehensive privacy legislation in California and beyond, including not-so-obvious risks you should begin managing immediately. Click here to view this ...

  • 05.07.19

    Toward a National Standard: How the CCPA’s Impact Extends Beyond California

    Much has been written about California’s new, robust privacy legislation, which is slated to begin implementation in 2020.

  • 02.14.19

    From Enforcement to Regulation: Legislative Trends for the Tech Industry

    New laws in Europe and California are forcing tech companies to reassess their content or risk big fines. Now, the industry anticipates that more states will enact increasingly tough restrictions. Will there be a shift to more federal legislation that would pre-empt state laws?

  • 11.14.18

    Is Your Organization Prepared for a Data Breach in the Post-CCPA World?

    With prominent data security incidents occurring more frequently in recent years, no organization can take its approach to data security too seriously. Government agencies, transnational corporations and organizations of all sizes have struggled to secure personal information from the risk of ...

  • Woman-Touching-Lock_thumbnail


    A National Privacy and Data Security Game Changer

    The California state legislature wrapped up the 2017–2018 legislative session with a consensus privacy measure that sought to clean up the newly enacted California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)—the nation’s strictest consumer privacy and data protection legislation.

  • 09.20.18

    What Is PCI DSS, and Are You Required to Comply?

    Demystify Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) by attending a complimentary webinar led by Manatt’s privacy and data security group. All companies that use credit card information have an obligation to secure customer data, and falling out of compliance with mandatory ...

  • 08.14.18

    Dissecting California’s Privacy Legislation and What It Means for You

    On June 28, 2018, Governor Brown signed into law the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the nation’s strictest consumer privacy and data protection legislation. This far-reaching measure impacts a significant number of for-profit entities doing business in California. Given its novelty, ...



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