Daily Journal Extensively Quotes Bromley on the Music Modernization Act After One Year

Federal Music Modernization Act has a troubled rollout
– Daily Journal

Manatt entertainment transactions and finance practice leader Jordan Bromley spoke with Daily Journal about how the Music Modernization Act has been implemented since it was passed one year ago. In particular, Bromley discussed how the decisions made by the Music Licensing Collective, a group which was created as part of the Music Modernization Act, are being viewed by those in the industry. As part of this discussion, he noted that there has been a lot of skepticism surrounding the group’s leadership team, especially the appointment of the outspoken Music Modernization Act opponent Harry Fox Agency as one of the Music Licensing Collective’s primary vendors. “They’re the group that was contracted by Spotify and other streamers to obtain licenses, so now there’s this perception that they’re being elevated and rewarded in spite of their opposition,” Bromley said.



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