Taylor Swift Clashes With Head of Former Label on Master Recording Rights

Taylor Swift’s Dispute With Former Label is Latest Tussle Over Master Recordings
– The Wall Street Journal

Manatt’s Jordan Bromley, leader of the firm’s entertainment transactions and finance group, spoke with The Wall Street Journal about a dispute between Taylor Swift and the head of her former label over recording copyrights for Swift’s music.

Celebrity talent manager Scooter Braun recently acquired Big Machine Label Group LLC for more than $300 million, a deal that also gave him the master recording copyrights to the six albums that Swift has released to date, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Bromley told The Wall Street Journal that this dispute is part of a larger trend of artists taking back ownership of their material, in response to the growth of streaming music platforms.
“Historically artists were made to give away these rights, and it got to a point where people wouldn’t have second thoughts because there were limited options on distribution,” he said. “Now there are dozens of ways to distribute music and countless ways fans discover it outside of a major label or any label marketing regime.”

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