Medicaid Briefing Series: Priority Issues for State Policymakers

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Medicaid is woven into the fabric of states’ healthcare systems and economies. Covering one in five Americans, the Medicaid program is the single-largest insurer in every state, and is the largest source of funding for mental health, substance use disorder, long-term care and emergency services. Medicaid is also a critical engine in state economies and a significant item in their budgets.

In a 7-part briefing series, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Manatt Health highlights key Medicaid issues—including children’s coverage, the opioid epidemic and managed care—to support state officials in evaluating their Medicaid programs, identifying challenges and opportunities, and taking action on pressing priorities.

Download the briefs below, either individually or through the full-series PDF.

Issue #1: Priority Medicaid Issues for State Officials
Issue #2: Medicaid—the Basics
Issue #3: Medicaid’s Impact on Healthcare Access, Outcomes and State Economies
Issue #4: Medicaid’s Role in Children’s Health
Issue #5: Medicaid’s Role in Addressing the Social Determinants of Health
Issue #6: Medicaid’s Role in Fighting the Opioid Epidemic
Issue #7: Medicaid Managed Care—Increasing Expectations and Accountability



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